Passion 2019 Conference

Jan 1, 7:00 am

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Passion 2019 Conference

Graduating Seniors: you’re invited to attend Passion 2019 Conference from January 1–4 in Atlanta, Georgia. This is a conference for 18–25 year-olds and their leaders, and it has become a defining event for our Waypoint Students. Tickets are extremely limited, so grab your seat(s) now!


  1. What location are we going to be at? We are attending the Atlanta location (Infinite Arena).
  2. What hotel are we staying at? Embassy Suites right next to Infinite Arena.
  3. Why are we leaving on January 1st: We are going to head down the day before to allow our group to get settled. In my experience, arriving the day of the conference provides to be a very chaotic and stressful experience. This will allow students to prepare to soak in as much as possible. 
  4. What does the $275 cover? The payment for the trip covers your student’s lodging, transportation, Passion Ticket, and WKND 2019 Ticket. All meals will need to be covered by the student.
You can visit the conference website for more information.