We are Waypoint Church, and we’re so excited to meet you! No matter where you are in your journey, we invite you to find meaning, purpose, and community in the Way of Jesus.


There are a lot of things we’d love to be known for: how we serve the members of our community, our passion for global missions, and our belief in the unchanging truth of God’s Word. We summarize our identity in one statement: We are a gospel-centered church making disciples of Jesus Christ.


“We are Gospel-Centered”

The gospel is the good news that Jesus Christ perfectly fulfilled the law, sacrificially died for our sins, physically rose from the dead, to permanently reconcile His people to a holy God through repentance of sin and faith in Him. We call that good news “the gospel,” and it invites us into a brand-new life, a restored relationship with God, and an eternal residence in His coming kingdom. We are unapologetically centered on this good news and we will forever be a good-news people.


“We are Transformed by Truth”

The gospel does not just save us, but it changes us. It teaches us to live all of life all for Jesus. The power to follow Jesus comes from two things: the Holy Spirit and the word of God. The Holy Spirit is at work in us to illuminate and apply God’s living and active word—renewing our minds and transforming our hearts, expanding our capacity for all of life worship.


“We are Missionally Engaged”

Disciples live with the same purpose as Jesus: to make God known and loved all over the world. Everything we do is aimed toward that end. We are passionate about equipping God’s people to love God and love their neighbors—to go across the street and around the world.


“We are Faithful Servants”

Jesus’ life was marked by faithful, humble, and generous service. We follow His example by serving others faithfully both inside the church and out in the community. This is a tangible expression of God’s grace and love for the world.


“We are An Authentic Community”

Community is the context for worship, discipleship, mission, and service. It’s not a preference but rather a part of our new identity as God’s people. We were made for relationship with God and with one another. The gospel creates space for us to be fully known and wholly loved.

Waypoint Worship

Becoming Waypoint

For 55 years, our church faithfully served St. Charles and St. Louis as “First Baptist Church Harvester.” In early 2018, we sensed that God was writing the next chapter of our church’s legacy—one focused on removing barriers to allow for new connections into our church family. We are thankful for our history, and we are equally excited for our future as Waypoint Church.


Our Pastor

Bob Ingle has been our lead pastor since 2009. He has led primarily through preaching God’s Word, clarifying vision, empowering staff, and encouraging everyone to find their role and give their all. He loves his family, enjoys golf, and roots for the Chicago Cubs.


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