WayKids – Sunday Morning

WayKids – Sunday Morning

Our Values

We believe the faith community (the church) plays a supportive role to teach and equip the next generation to live in pursuit of a God who desires an eternal relationship with Him.  The WayKids Serve Team knows that to accomplish this we must...

We also believe in elevating the role of parents as the primary nurturer of their child’s faith. The Bible reminds us in Deuteronomy 6:6 that parents are to teach their children about who God is, and how much God loves them. We are intentional in equipping and resourcing our parents through weekly printed devotional for parents, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

WayKids – Sunday Morning

Pre-Register Your Child

In order to maintain our high levels of security in our WayKids area, we require every first-time visitor to create a Kidcheck account for their family. We're happy to help walk you through this step on a Sunday morning, but you can save time by pre-registering with Kidcheck from your computer at home!


Creating A Safe Place

Serve Team Screening & Background Checks
Every person who serves in WayKids completes an application process which includes an interview, a background check, and a time of observation with children before they are invite to serve on our children’s ministry team.

Secure Check-In 
Every child attending Sunday morning programming or other event on campus must check-in and check-out with a parent or guardian, and that parent or guardian must remain on campus while their child is in our care.  We will never release a child to anyone who is not an approved guardian as indicated in your check-in account.  As an added measure of security, we encourage all families to add pictures of their children and approved guardians to their check-in account. Check-in opens 15 minutes before the start of each session and closes 15 minutes after each session begins.  Our secure area is locked during sessions and parents can enter at any time when they present their guardian tag at the entrance.

Child and Guardian Security Tags 
Our check-in system prints 3 tags, one to be placed on the child, one to be given to the child’s leader, and the third is a guardian tag which must be presented upon leaving our secure zone with your child. Guardians may also select to print a second guardian tag if more than one guardian is walking through the secure area. 

Cell Phone Parent Paging
When creating your check-in account, please enable text messaging on your cell phone so that in the event you are needed while your child is in our care, we can contact you via text message.

Child Pick-up
Guardians must present their tag to pick up their child from their classroom and   the guardian and child tag must both be presented before exiting our secure areas.  

Emergency Procedures
In the event of an emergency (fire, tornado, earthquake, intruder) our staff is trained and ready to get your child to safety.  Parents will be contacted via text message with the location where they can safely reconnect with their children.

Wellness Policy 
Our goal is a healthy and safe environment for all children who attend children’s programs at Waypoint.  Therefore, we have created some guidelines to protect our children and families. Please do not bring your child to WayKids programs if he/she is exhibiting any of the following symptoms:
· Coughing, Sneezing, or Colored Discharge From Mouth or Nose
· Fever
· Vomiting or Diarrhea
· Skin Rash
· Sore or Inflamed Throat and/or Mouth
· Red, Crusty, or Draining Eyes
· Head Lice